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Title: Mighty Christ

Date: 28/07/2009 (Other)

Speaker: Congregation

Bible Reference: Summer Conference Hymn

MIGHTY Christ from time eternal,
Mighty, He man?s nature takes,
Mighty, when on Calv?ry dying,
Mighty, death itself He breaks.
See His might,
King of heaven and earth by right!

Mighty was He in heaven?s purpose,
Mighty, in the pledge to save,
Mighty, from His birth to Calv?ry,
Mighty, bursting from the grave.
Still will He
Mighty be
When things hidden now we see.

Great my Jesus in His Person,
Great as God and man is He,
Great His comeliness and beauty,
White and ruddy, fair to see.
Great that sight,
Sovereign Might,
Throned secure on heaven?s height!

vv. 1&3, Titus Lewis, 1773-1811;
v. 2, Anonymous;
tr. by Graham Stuart Harrison, 1935-