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Title: A pilgrim in a desert land

Date: 29/07/2009 (Other)

Speaker: Congregation

Bible Reference: Summer Conference Hymn


A PILGRIM in a desert land,
I wander far and wide,
Excepting I may some time come
Close to my Father?s side.

Ahead of me I think I hear
Sounds of a heavenly choir,
A conquering host already gone
Through tempest, flood and fire.

Come, Holy Sprit, fire by night,
Pillar of cloud by day;
Lead, for I dare not take a step
Unless Thou show the way.

So prone am I when on my own
To stray from side to side,
I need, each step to Paradise,
My God to be my guide.

I have a yearning for that land,
Where the unnumbered throng
Extol the death on Calvary
In heaven?s unending song.

William Williams, 1717-91;
tr. by Robert Maynard Jones (Bobi Jones), 1929-